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About Us

We continue to the rudder towards an innovative future.


Our Mission


What is the “Seek the Ultimate” that we advocate?   

 We consider it as follows...

To those involved in whiskey and all the surrounding environment,

[producers, importers / exporters / sellers, bartenders, all whisky fans]

As a part of this wing, keep making the best proposals,

Understanding the tradition, creating a more sophisticated world view and

passing on this culture to the next generation.

Based on the above, we put two thoughts on the company name and logo.

First, It is our commitment that we will continue to the rudder towards an innovative future.


Second, "RUDDER" is read in Japanese as "kaji".

"Kaji" means "paper mulberry" with the same pronunciation in Japanese.

Paper mulberry is a sacred tree of "Suwa Taisha Shrine".

Since ancient times, all times and places, Liquor have been dedicated to God.

We hope to inherit the tradition and sublimate it into something better.

​It is our mission to keep releasing the ultimate spirits to the world.

Tsuyoshi Kitakaji



The logo is decorated with the sacred tree of Suwa Taisha Shurine. All times and places, Liquor have been dedicated to God.

Treasure the inheritance of tradition.

Refining tradition to what was in the present era.

Our Works

What we work for the ultimate spirits

Private Bottles

We source high quality spirits and meet to market demands with attractive label designs.

We always put market demands first, procure high-quality spirits such as whisky and propose private bottles that satisfy everyone with attractive original labels. In addition to understanding market trends, we would like to continue to create trends as a company that plays a role in the market.

Import & Export

We source high quality spirits and meet to market demands with attractive label designs.

We carefully select and import what we can really convince, and we also source from wonderful domestic manufacturers in Japan and propose high-quality spirits to our customers. In addition to responding to the demands of domestic customers, we will also offer our private bottles to eager customers overseas. We would like to share the best taste and joy with everyone in Japan and overseas.

Retail & Wholesale Business

We continue to offer high quality spirits to market.

​We believe that not only our own retail sales but also the connection with other retail stores and wholesalers is important to deliver high quality spirits to many customers. High-quality spirits, Market demand, Understanding trends and creating new ones...We will continue to be a company that contributes to the revitalization and development of the market by distributing it through sellers nationwide at an appropriate price after including all of these.

Bar & Retail Business Management Consultant

Customer demand, Increase profits, We support your business management.

We also provide consultation on the opening of shops and bars, as well as consultation for those who are considering overseas Bar business development.​ We will support your business, such as high value-added products that will please your customers, and new approaches for new businesses.​ Please feel free to contact us.

Legal Compliance

What we promise to our customers and society

Specified Commercial Transactions Act and Privacy Policy

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